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MDM is a multidisciplinary professional practice with  lawyers and accountants based in Milan and Florence.

Founded in 1999, the firm offers an array legal and tax consulting services through the dynamic and synergic collaboration of several fee earners and a strong support team.

This professional practice is well established both in Italy and internationally, leveraging the different nationalities of the professionals who work here.

The multidisciplinary approach is the distinctive element of MDM: our professionals offer not only a highly qualified consultancy in legal and tax law, but also a complete service dedicated to both Italian and foreign companies – especially northern European ones – of any size, who choose to rely on a single source for the protection and management of their business interests.

MDM provides these companies with expert assistance in diverse business administration fields.

MDM's mission is inspired by a modern and innovative view of intellectual work, aimed at closing the gap between professionals and businesspeople, trying to match different cultures and practies.

We intend to set a benchmark in administration, but also to influence the definition of your strategic guidelines, support your most important business transactions and help you manange changes in your corporate structure.

How we operate

Andrea Orciani about MDM Law and Tax Firm