Tax Litigation

MDM can offer many years of expertise in taxation counsel.
Clients are represented in their fiscal needs, both when it comes to managing relations with the tax authorities and in actual litigation, also receiving punctual updates about the constantly evolving regulations.

Direct taxation:
  • VAT
  • information, reporting and variations relating to general and specific issues
  • appeals against competent bodies
  • drafting and filing of annual and periodic mandatory returns and related reconciliations with accounting data
  • registrations and tax stamps: information on new provisions, clarification regarding specific cases.

Indirect taxation
  • updates and clarification on specific cases related to IRPEF, IRES and IRAP income tax
  • control of tax assessments
  • updates regarding any type of withholding tax
  • requesting of certificates, filing of documents, endorsement of journals
  • contacts with financial offices of various kinds, for any type of tax or statutory compliance.

Professionals in this area