Real Estate

Over the years, MDM has acquired considerable expertise in real estate and is able to provide assistance and advice – mostly integrated with tax issues – to Italian and international investors, builders and operators, in development transactions and in the phases of authorisation, construction, sales, management and sale of commercial, residential, industrial, and above all tourism real estate.
In particular, MDM Law and Tax Firm advises clients on real estate issues in relation to:
  • examination and study of the applicable legislation
  • establishment and management of temporary groupings of companies, joint ventures and consortia
  • negotiation of leases, property and facility management, sale and rental of business units, agencies, brokerage and procurement
  • due diligence activities aimed at the evaluation of property development and sales transactions
  • general assistance at all stages of real estate negotiation
  • property disputes before civil and administrative courts, at every stage and level of legal proceedings.

Professionals in this area