By its very nature, the Firm is constantly immersed in disputes involving players of different nationalities, often with visions and modus operandi that are very different from one another.
Internationally, MDM has developed over the years a very effective approach to the assignments it receives, working towards narrowing the gap between professionals and clients, and between the parties involved, moving the issues, where necessary, to the offices of corporate clients. This is an area in which it's key to pay the maximum attention to the composition of differences, especially as these are mainly cultural.
The firm offers its support and advice, also by analysing economic and legal instruments, as well as the most appropriate Community law rules, to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of internationalisation. Over the years, MDM has been providing assistance to the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Milan and the US Consulate in Florence, in the management of disputes to be resolved between parties of different nationalities.
MDM addresses these positions by identifying the parties’ interests in the light of their respective National legislation and EU regulations, considering the growing involvement of the European Union in its member States’ commercial and economic matters.

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