Fashion and luxury goods

MDM's professionals have specific experience in relation to this pioneering and cross-sector field, which covers both civil and criminal law, having recently set up a team dedicated to the study of legal issues related to the following phases: design, production, distribution, promotion and protection of brands in regard to fashion, design and luxury goods.
MDM associates take care of this matter in regard to consultancy, as well as training.
The Firm has indeed worked with some of the most prestigious schools of Italian fashion, such as Polimoda and FDI, organising special programmes and conducting specific research. In relation to the Florence Chamber of Commerce, MDM Law and Tax Firm has also distinguished itself by providing support services and information to the department that deals with startuppers who wish to start their own businesses, are interested in the best possible protection of their inventions or are engaged in the launch of creative ideas.
The consultancy activities in the fashion, design and luxury goods industries focus on giving clients adequate legal protection of their creativity and innovation, the key drivers for companies operating in this industry, which have distinguished themselves in international markets as ambassadors of Italian style.

The services offered by MDM's professionals are as prompt as possible, considering the pace of the market and the short lifecycle of product-creation.  The specific services include:

• Advice and assistance to start-ups
• National and international contracts
• Management of litigation
• Internationalisation of business
• Protection of intellectual property
• Non-disclosure agreements to protect confidentiality
• Counterfeiting and unfair competition
• Customs protection

Professionals in this area