Corporate crime

Knowing that the offenses covered by trade provisions are now an important part of criminal litigation, MDM has developed a fruitful collaboration with qualified professionals, in order to protect its clients' interests also in this context.
A significant increase in the number of "crimes" regards typical indictments of the corporate world, largely due to the increasing sophistication of complex, global business transactions.
In Italy, following the introduction of of legal persons' liabilty for acts constitutive of certain crimes committed by collaborators of enterprises (Italian Legislative Decree 231/01), companies may also be prosecuted for criminal offences, with the consequent risk of being subject to precautionary measures, sanctions and fines that may be significant.
The rules governing legal persons' liability is also closely connected with planned legislation on safety at work (Legislative Decree 81/2008). Especially for companies subject to the verification of injuries due to the nature of their business, it is important to be able to count on competent and timely assistance, and to find the appropriate solutions in this sensitive area of ​​the law.

Professionals in this area