Marco Trabucchi

Chartered Accountant - Founding Partner - Milan Office

Marco Trabucchi was born in Milan on 22 November 1965. He graduated in Economics from the University of Turin in 1995. He was admitted to the Order of Chartered Accountants of Milan in 2004.

After graduating he was a trainee at the family law firm, dealing with administrative and corporate tax cases with an emphasis on national and international tax issues. In 1999, together with the current partners, lawyers Alberto Balducci and Johan De Flines and accountant Gianfranco Trabucchi, he founded MDM Law and Tax Firm in Milan. To date, as well as having gained relevant experience in corporate tax administration, he mainly deals with extraordinary transactions such as corporate assessments, transformations, mergers, divisions, transfers, in addition to ordinary corporate practices such as the drafting of financial statements, business plans and business analyses. He also acts as an auditor in a number of mid-sized and large companies working in Italy and works with Granito Ltd Corporate Advisory with offices in New York, Las Vegas, Brussels, Milan, Rome, and London. He speaks Italian and English.