Import- export: Lombardy leads Italy-Netherlands commercial exchanges

As one of the world’s seven largest exporters, the Netherlands have with Italy an excellent trading relationship, and the numbers support this. According to 2015 data, the Netherlands exported 17.5 billion Euro of goods to Italy, while Italy exported 9 billion Euro to the Netherlands.

Among the key business sectors were minerals, oil derivatives, chemicals, medicinals, transport machines and of course the historical flower industry.

According to calculations of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, based on Istat (the Italian statistics institute) data from the fourth quarters of 2014 and 2015, trade exchanges between Lombardy and the Netherlands were 12.6 billion Euro, around 50 percent of the national total of 25 billion Euro.

Lombardy in fact exports around 3 billion Euro worth in goods to the Netherlands, and Milan accounts for 26 percent of the Lombardy total with a turnover of 704 million Euro, followed by Bergamo (17 percent, 461 million), Varese (13 percent, 370 million) and Brescia (11 percent, 297 million).

According to data from the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Italy exports over 5 billion Euro to the Netherlands and Lombardy accounts for 50 percent of the national total. With 9 billion Euro in imports, Lombardy also accounts for 50 percent of the national total (which is approximately 20 billion Euro). The greatest importer in the region is Milan (66 percent), followed by Bergamo (6 percent) and Pavia (5 percent).

What are the most commonly exported products from Lombardy to the Netherlands?
Industrial machinery and chemicals, specifically: Varese and Mantova export mainly transport vehicles, Bergamo and Brescia machinery and devices, Milan chemicals, Lodi computers and electronic devices, Como textiles, Cremona foods and Monza other manufacturing products such as furniture.
Dutch products imported in Lombardy are computers, electronic and optical devices (3 billion) and chemicals (1.7 billion). Milan, Pavia, Monza and Lodi mainly import computers and electronic devices, Brescia and Cremona metals, Varese, Como, Bergamo and Mantova chemicals, Sondrio and Lecco foods.